A porch or entry enclosure is a great way to add a bright well-ventilated area outside your existing front door. In fact, these structures can be used to define an outdoor area while making it secure, like a sunroom.

Made from security mesh that is visually appealing and looks more like a feature than old metal bars.

A place to entertain without the bugs, a mud room to keep shoes, perhaps table and chairs to use as an additional space to hide away, or a playroom for the kids in some fresh air but totally safe.

One of our enclosures allows you to leave your front door wide open, and yet access the fresh breeze or the summer nights cool change to sweep through to cool your house after a hot day. Blending fixed panels with opening doors we can customise to the fixed features of your home.

Our security doors provide you with the security to know that once locked you are secure, because you deserve to feel safe and comfortable in your home.

Security enclosures are no longer bars and welded steel. Our modern materials minimise the frame and use high security mesh that is tried and tested to exceed the Australian Standards for Security Doors. Today’s doors can be sleek, modern and minimalistic or really show people you are serious about your security with a more traditional in-your-face style of bars., perhaps for a more commercial environment.

Whatever your style, budget, and home we will have a solution to suit you and your budget.

Call us on 131 546 to arrange for one of our entry enclosure specialists to come out for a no obligation entry enclosure consultation, measure and quote.